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Get Your Skates On!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to chat, drink coffee and eat cake. I do a little bit of exercise but only ‘fun’ stuff like Zumba and Aqua-Aerobics (sometimes known as ‘sitting in the steam room’). So when Arbonne launched their Phytosport range of plant-powered Sports Nutrition products, I didn’t get particularly excited about… Continue reading Get Your Skates On!

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Eat your Greens… and reds, yellows and blues!

I have spent the last four years disguising tomatoes, concealing carrots and being surreptitious with celery, all in the name of giving my youngest child her five-a-day. She is a veritable heathen when it comes to her diet. Give her a plate of sausages or a beef burger and she’ll love you forever, try to… Continue reading Eat your Greens… and reds, yellows and blues!